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Update Nov. 22th,Total 1,837,592 ABTC have been destroyed in the following 2 wallet addresses, due to the stake reward in 2029 will be 8.8381%, so a total of 2,000,000 ABTC have been destroyed up to date.Destroy01
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Update Nov. 17th,

ABTC hashrate weekly update!
The average mining hash rate of ABTC on Nov.17th, 2022 is about 15T.
Currently the estimated electricity cost for ABTC mining hash rate is about $137,143/month.

The monthly mining income will be 1714 ABTC, so the estimated market value up to Nov.17th, 2022, would be $600,000/1714 ABTC = $80/ABTC.

Please note: The mining hash rate changes from time to time, and this estimated calculation is not an investment suggestion, anyone should bear the in...  more
Update Nov. 14th,

Event: 2 million ABTC will be destroyed.
Reason to destroy: Up to 2 million of BTC were frozen due to the loss of the private key.
We will update the wallet address of the 2 million of ABTC to be destroyed.
Update Nov. 09th,
Twitter account is just created, all future update will be posted there, please check the link and follow:
Update Nov. 08th,

ABTC hashrate weekly update!
Up to Nov.08th, 2022, the active mining hash rate of ABTC is about 3.1T.
According to the electricity cost at $0.1/KW, currently the electricity cost for ABTC mining hash rate is about $30,171/month.

As the monthly mining income will be 1714 ABTC, so the min. market value up to Nov.08th, 2022, would be $30,171/1714 ABTC = $17.60/ABTC.

Update Nov. 06th,


The official public mining pool is now published, pls check below:
Update Oct. 23th,


The Alefaa-Bitcoin wallet has been released, and you can mine ABTC with the CPU now. Please join the group in Telegram, so you will get the ABTC wallet, we will send the wallet software in the TG group only, and we will publish the wallet to the public in 100 days, which will be in February, 2023.
Telegram: Contact @AlefaaBitcoin
You can view and join @AlefaaBitcoin right away.
Update Oct. 20th,

Dear Alefaa Blockchain users:

The explorer of Alefaa-Bitcoin is live, pls check the details from the following link:

We are developing the mining pool, when it’s ready, we will give new updates for it.

And we missed the information for the reward of PoS, the total reward in 2029 for PoS will be 1 million ABTC, it will be distributed to each ABTC address by its percentage of the ABTC amounts.

Alefaa-Bitcoin is a form of digital onli...  more
This official group of Alefaa-Bitboin
Update Aug.30

We are happy to announce the new YouVideoo-TalkiHero Bounty Program, you can now earn ABTC easily to refer anyone to become an YouVideooer or registered user of

Please check the details in the link below:
Update Aug.29Pre-ICO Sale - August 1st – October31st 2022Total ABTC for sale – 500,000 ABTC
Accepted currency – USDT,BUSD/Bank Wire Transfer
Total CAP – $2,500,000 USD
800 ABTC sold on August 28th, 2022
Total 1,600 ABTC sold.
Total $8,000 raised from ICO
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